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Full Out is committed to providing a safe and fun environment for all athletes, coaches and spectators. For this reason, we ask that all individuals attending a Fullout event adhere to our policies and procedures. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. We look forward to providing a unique and exciting experience to the cheerleading industry. 


Full Out Competitions will follow the most recent version of the Open Championship Series/general rules and age grids. Refer to for details.



  1. All athletes must be supervised during warm-ups and performances by a coach/director.

  2. Each gym, coach, and owner should have a plan in place in the event of an emergency.

  3. Stunts, tumbling and pyramids may not be performed on concrete, asphalt, wet or uneven   surfaces, or surfaces with obstructions during practice or performance. 

  4. All skills permitted in a level include all skills permitted in the previous level. If a skill is prohibited in a level, it is also prohibited in the previous level(s) 

  5. Athlete safety is of the utmost importance when performing any skills. Coaches should encourage expertise before skill progression. 

  6. Any equipment used to enhance the height of an athlete is prohibited. 

  7. Mandatory spotters for all skills must be a member of the team performing/competing. 

  8. The athletes that begin the routine must remain on the floor throughout the performance. Athletes are prohibited from being replaced by another athlete during the routine performance. 

  9. Athletes are prohibited from having any edible or non-edible item in their mouth during routine performance. 

  10. Athletes must have at minimum one (1) foot, hand, or body part on the performance floor at the start of the routine. EXCEPTION: If bases have hands resting on the performance floor prior to the beginning of the routine, flyers are permitted to have feet/foot in bases hand(s). 

  11. Approximate floor size will be 54 feet wide by 42 feet deep (9 panels). All skills must originate and be completed within the competition boundary.

  12. Soft & solid-soled shoes are mandatory while performing/competing. 

  13. All forms of jewelry are prohibited while performing routine. All jewelry must be removed, cannot be taped over, or covered up. Medical ID Tags/bracelets are the EXCEPTION. 

  14. Props are not required to be in routine performance. Flags, banners/signs, poms, and megaphones are allowed. If teams would like to use a prop that is not the items listed previously, the prop must be approved by the event producer at each event. Props with poles or of such support apparatus are prohibited from being used in stunts or tumbling skills. 

  15. If a sign or prop is thrown outside the performing area, that team will receive a deduction for each violation. Signs or props may be placed or dropped outside the competition boundary by a team member who must remain inside the competition boundary area.

  16. Routine time will begin with the first movement, beat of music, or voice. Time will end with the last movement, beat of music, or voice. 


Routine time limits are as follows:

All Star Divisions (includes Elite/International/Performance Cheer): 2:30 

All Star Prep: 2:00 

All Star Novice: 1:30 

Non-Tumbling: 2:00 

Global Divisions: 3:30 (Maximum 40 seconds for opening cheer, maximum 20 seconds transition to music section, 2:30 total for music section)

Competitive Recreational All Music Routine 2:30 

School / Traditional Recreational 2:30

Game Day 3:00


17. Each team is required to assign a responsible adult who knows the routine and music to stay at the music station during the team’s performance.  This representative is responsible for starting the music and stopping the music in case of technical malfunction or injury. Please make sure that all devices are fully charged, placed in airplane mode, and the volume is turned up.( Our DJ will not be responsible for starting or stopping your music.) If a team exceeds the time limit, a penalty will be assessed. 

18. Supports, braces and soft casts which are unaltered from the manufacturer’s original design/production do not require any additional padding. Support/braces and soft casts that have been altered from the manufacturer’s original design/production must be padded with a closed-cell, slow-recovery foam padding no less than one-half inch thick if the participant is involved in stunts, pyramids or tosses. A participant wearing a hard cast (example: fiberglass or plaster), a sling, or a walking boot must not be involved in stunts, pyramids, tumbling or tosses. 

19. No Noise makers allowed at our venues. Air Horns and other Noise makers can cause a distraction and safety issue for participants.  





The Head Coach can contest scores.

Scores must be contested within 30 min of score sheets being emailed

Only difficulty, legalities, & deductions can be contested.

File this appeal by returning it to a representative at the technical table.

The head technical judge will review the appeal and make a ruling. You will be texted the decision by the technical judge and video review judge.

You may be called to the video review table if additional information is needed.

When appealing a safety deduction please write the rule number and how it applies to your scoresheet.

No appeal shall be heard on judgment calls of an official. In order for the appeal to be upheld, it must be established on this form that the error made by a judge was the determining factor in the penalty.

The Head Technical Judge is the final rules interpreter.


Failure to observe the time limit

Approaching or trying to influence a judge’s decision

Deliberate disruptive behavior by the coach, squad, or an individual

Verbally abusing or disrespectfully addressing a judge or competition official, or using profanity

Full Out competition Official Video may be reviewed to determine the technical judge’s final decision. 


Go to

Hover over scoring and rules 

Select "is this legal? review form." 

Complete the form and upload your video 

Please limit it to one skill per form that you are checking for a legality ruling


 *opens august 1st 


Go to 

Hover over scoring and rules 

Select "is this level appropriate? review form" 

Complete the form and upload your video please limit to one skill per form 


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